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MJ-X912 Automatic tool change 12 servo tool magazine + nine vertical drill group

  • Application:1.Suitable for panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, w
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1.Suitable for panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, tables and chairs, doors and windows, wood products, decoration and other industries.

2.Machinable plates: MDF, ecological board, multi-layer board, particle board, wave board and other boards.



1.12 tool magazine automatic tool change spindle. 

2.Processing speed 12-25m/min (depending on the tool and sheet, the speed is different).

3.Optional automatic loading and unloading, uninterrupted process, safer and more efficient to maximize efficiency.


Technical Parameters:



Spindle motor

HQD spindle 9KW (Optional)

Heavy bed design

Aging high temperature annealing process imported five-sided processing equipment

Linear guides

Taiwan TBI linear guides,

Y spindle 30mm,X spindle 25mm, Z spindle 25mm

Rack and pinion

Imported 2M precision rack

Control system

Taiwan LNC 2800 System

Frequency converter

ZONCN 7.5KW(Zero-second switching spindle)

Ball screw rod

Z spindle Taiwan TBI original precision ball screw

Operating mode

EVTA 1.5KW servo motor        

Positioning cylinder

Special positioning cylinder for CNC Router

Vacuum pump

7.5KW High power water circulation vacuum pump

Pneumatic Components

Taiwan Yadeke pneumatic components and vacuum components

Overall dimensions


Machinable size


Empty line running speed


Frequency converter


Operating Voltage


Drill bag

Taiwan original Protean

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